Learn How To Build A Super Profitable Supply Chain function in your Business!

Learn how to find your cost of material ,optimize and sustain so as to have maximum profitability using my DIY products..

Over 10% on cost of material saved and 98% On Time In Full Quantity (OTIF) delivery achieved for my customers and it is a proven process..

Hi! I am Shankaran Pramasivan.....

I'm a Mechanical engineer and IIM (Cal)alumni with 24+ years of Corporate experience in Supply Chain domain.. Being a spiritually grounded minimalist, I'm on a mission to help 100000 MSME business owners to optimize their business using Supply Chain Management... I founded the upcoming Business Excellence Club to fix this problem of exhorbident cost of raw materials.. Today, we are a community of excited business owners who wants to increase their bottomline.. I am also launching my book soon which will be Amazon's best seller.

Value add in Supply Chain Management

The cost,quality and delivery of Raw materials in a MSME manufacturing organisation is very high and it becomes non viable to sell the product. I'm on a mission to optimize the Supply Chain Systems in MSME organisations by creating a new frame work..

Supply Chain Management

With over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain Management domain in indian MNC companies, I help MSME business owners to optimize their cost of materials , improve their bottomline and become super profitable business.

Business Excellence Club

I founded this upcoming community to help business owners to scale up their business with an efficient supply chain process... We are now a growing community of business owners on this mission of optimizing their business..!

Business Efficiency Club

With growing community of members, we are building an efficient MSME businesses..

Find out your Current Efficiency Levels

Get acces to all the Processes that are being followed in Supply Chain and find out the current levels of efficiency before actually optimising it..

Streamlining of the Supply Chain Processes..

Build stubborn processes and streamline the existing Supply Chain Processes..

Automate wherever Possible..

Automate the Supply Chain Processes by using various Technology available ..

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started.

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This upcoming community is going to be built with a proven process and value systems to help you get results.

He is a creative coach. His approach is to the point, crisp and direct with no nonsense attitude.That 's exactly draws me to his webinar. He is the master of his field because after attending his course, I realized, He has done lots of research in his own field before curating his offerings.

R Ram Kumar

Head Of Supply Chain Management

In ONE WORD, I CAN DEFINE YOU AS A FATECHANGER, You are awesome, My Mission is clear I am Building a System to Transform the Traditional Business Model into Automation Business! Learning from you is a Blessing, Every day Learning from you and growing!

Karunakaran K

Head of Procurement

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